Magnetic Level Gauge

Model Type

Basic: UHZ-511
Heating: UHZ-512
Corrosion: UHZ-514
Top Mounted: UHZ-515


Level Sensor / Trans.
UHZ-511 / XBi
Magnetic Switch
UHZ-51 J Series


How is works ?

Magnetic float level gauge involve the use of a permanent magnet sealed inside a float whose rise and fall causes the turning of a magnetic roller display.
Magnetic Level Gauge operates on the principle of communicating vessels. The body of chamber is connected adjacent to the tank so that the same conditions of liquid level are obtained in the chamber as those in the tank.
The float is equipped with a system of permanent magnets to transmit level of liquid to the local indicator. The magnet system of the float activates the magnetic roller display according to the liquid level. The column of reversed red magnetic rollers indicates the liquid level.
For magnetic mechanical float, chemical compatibility, temperature, specific gravity (density), buoyancy, and viscosity affect the selection of the body chamber and the float. For example, larger floats may be used with liquids with specific gravities as low as 0.5 while still maintaining buoyancy. The choice of float material is also influenced by temperature-induced changes in specific gravity changes that directly affect buoyancy.

Technical Advantages

Simple, robust, and solid design
Pressure- and gas-proof separation of chamber and display
Magnetic Roller Displays without external power supply
Several mounting devices: Magnetic switches, Level Sensors, etc
Programmable loop-powered control units 4 ... 20 mA available
High availability of corrosion resistant materials
Application specific designs available
Explosion-proof designs