Float Level Switch

Model Top Mounted:

Standard: UHZ-30-200-AF-VF
Explosion Proof: UHZ-30-200Bd-AF-AG
Adjustable: UHZ-30-200-AFS-AGS
with Tester: UHZ-30-200-AFC-VFC
Angle type: UHZ-30-200-AFW-VFW
Non Corrosion: UHZ-30-200-AFPP-AGPP

Side Mounted:

Bypass: UHZ-30-200-ADFV
Bypass SS: UHZ-30-200-VDFV-ADA
Square Flange: UHZ-30-200-A(V)F

Magnetic Float Level Switches

Technical Advantages
The simple operating principle is suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Suitable for virtually all liquids.
Measurement of liquid levels independent of physical or chemical changes of the liquid, e.g. foam, conductivity, pressure, vacuum, temperature, vapor.
High repeat ability of set points.
Multiple switch points in one unit (up to 8).
High availability of corrosion resistant materials.
Application specific designs available.
Explosion-proof designs.