Fafnir GmbH

FAFNIR are specialists in the development and manufacturing of sensors and systems for monitoring and measuring fill levels.
Fafnir provides the latest technology in fuel management systems and solutions which allow our customers from the oil, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to fully put their trust in Fafnir's products.
FAFNIR is your partner for universal, easy to install and easy use solutions for level measurement. With over 45 years of experience in the process market we have developed Oil Level Indicator for almost any kind of tank geometries.


The most versatile fuel level sensors in our range, are easy to to install and reliable throughout its lifetime. Forget complicated installations and time consuming and costly troubleshooting, TORRIX is very easy to use and to troubleshoot. With its high-precision magnetostrictive level sensors and measuring principle, it achieves an accuracy of up to ± 0.3 mm, as a result, and is among the very best in its class.