Cables in motion

Material handling technology
Not only manufacturers and operators of cranes and material handling equipment, but also system suppliers for products such as cable trolleys, motor, spring cable reels and drag chains rely for more then 50 years on TKD's mate¬rial handling technology know how.
As one of the market leaders we deliver the right all-in-one solution from design to application engineering as well as key account management.
     ■ for flexible and fixed components
     ■ for drag chain application
     ■ plug & play solutions and accessories

Drag chain systems and cables
Smaller, lighter, more flexible and faster. These are requirements drag chain systems must accommodate nowadays
and just as confidently manage like sudden changes of
direction or slow and long traverse paths. TKD’s solutions
contain more than 30 years of competence. We stand for
fail-safe operation even under the toughest conditions.
      ■ pre-finished drag chain systems
      ■ drag chain cable assemblies
      ■ cables for drag chain applications
      ■ drag chains
      ■ accessories

TKD offers industrial customers an all-round carefree
package, with greater diversity and a large assortment
range. Their standard and custom-made cables for machine
control systems, electronics, BUS or data transmission, as
well as wiring, are complaint with national and international
approvals. Products can be tailored ready to use with
defined cutting lengths as well as special or customerspecific designs with a minimum purchase quantity.
     ■ for flexible application and fixed installation
     ■ for power and signal transmission
     ■ system solutions